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Day Thirty-five – Personal Ministry

A few weeks ago I was able to speak on a panel discussion about transracial adoption and being a multi-ethnic family.  I love doing this.  I walk away from these kinds of speaking engagements every time feeling like I’ve responded to my calling.  At one point as we spoke, a man in the front row […]

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Day Thirty-two: Project 1.27

Oh goodness!  The last many weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind for our family, thus my absence on the blog.  In my determination to finish the 40-day challenge, I offer up the following… Let me be clear: I am not generally a fan of the 700 Club.  I often find myself incensed at […]

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Day Thirty – Families of Promise

There’s a church near us where God has been working in the hearts of a few and is now moving the hearts of many.  Kentwood Community Church’s ministry, Families of Promise, began slowly as the ministry passion of one person.  It has grown and I can’t share it any better than the founder herself, Jodi […]

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Day Twenty-five – Wait No More

Some ministries have come to my attention that highlight God’s hand with the Christian community on behalf of the orphan.  The next few posts will highlight some of them.  Focus on the Family’s Wait No More events are major regional events, happening around the nation.  These events highlight foster care adoption and call the church […]

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Day Twenty-three: Life In Color…in Uganda?!

Before my friends left for Africa, they shared that one of the topics they were asked to cover in the training they would provide was life books, and the importance of documenting a child’s beginnings. I happily provided our demo life book, a 12×12 full-color 55-page album, in fill-in format, for their use. We here […]

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Day Seventeen – Riches Untold

Each morning when I take my son to school I walk him to his locker and help him get his backpack put away, get his coat off, and get into the classroom. This is after a 40 minute drive (yes, we have quite the commute) that always begins with prayer together and then proceeds with […]

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Day Sixteen – Broken Hearts Mobilized

As part of the adoption community I am privileged to know five people who make their full time living working on behalf of children. You can call them social workers, child welfare workers…it doesn’t matter. You get the point. These remarkable women see the best and worst of the orphan and adoption world and work […]

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Day Fifteen – Soothing the Heart

My husband and I know several people in the adoption process or considering adoption right now. One of those couples is very dear to us. Recently they’ve been experiencing what every adoptive family experiences: unsolicited negative opinions from people they thought were ‘safe’. This is a common part of the adoption journey. It’s painful…it usually […]

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Day Fourteen – One by One

I’m a little behind on my posts!  Web migration and life collided…I’ll do my best to stay on track.  I think I’ve shared that my son is in the first grade. He attends a rather small school. We like that. We love it that his class is small. In fact, it began with only twelve […]

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