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“This is going to be GREAT!”

He opened his eyes this morning, on the first day of fourth grade. “This is going to be GREAT!” he said. He chatted me up the rest of the morning, following me from room to room, speaking in a delighted staccato. “I wonder if there will be any new kids,” he said as he washed […]

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Caring for Your Child’s Skin and Hair

One of the most common questions for transracial adoptive families is regarding proper hair and skin care.  It’s a topic of many forums, support groups, and websites.  There is plenty we could discuss, but this article will give you some basics. Skin Let’s start from the inside out.  Healthy skin and hair does not happen […]

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Blank Notebook

Being the Story Keeper – Part 4 – Future

As we close the Story Keeper series, it’s time to look to the future.  If we’ve done our job well, our kids know their history and can steep it in grace, and they are empowered in the present to continue to process and learn and use their voice.  Their future is before them, ripe with […]

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Being the Story Keeper – Part 3 – Present

Well, as Story Keepers we’ve talked about responsibly sharing the truth of our children’s stories with them, and we’ve talked about helping them feel empowered in the present. Before we talk about the future, there’s a bit more that we need to cover in the present. It’s time to talk about how we – and […]

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