About Us

Life In Color began as a means to help adoptive families capture and preserve the unique stories of their children through life books. We’re proud to have the most colorful and comprehensive life book product on the market. We understand the joys and challenges of adoption because we have been privileged to live that journey ourselves. Preserving your child’s story is important.

Life In Color, however, has become so much more than that. We are passionate about family, parenting, AND adoption. We’re here to help support you and inspire you to live with your family in full color, whether your family has grown by birth or adoption or both. Sometimes the journey’s hues are dark blue and grey and brooding. Sometimes the journey’s hues are vibrant with yellow and orange, joy and happiness. Still other times, the journey is colored with greens and blues, soothing and quiet. But without living purposefully, we miss some of the “juiciness” that is family…the depth of relationships, both challenging and rewarding.

We are about living with authenticity, and with the kind of closeness that makes us vulnerable, but also human. We value traditions, creating safe space, and loving fully. We want to help you do that.

At Life In Color, we understand the joys and challenges of adoption. We have been privileged to live that journey ourselves. We also understand that each adoption journey is unique…an experience all its own. We exist to serve the adoption community by providing high-quality methods of capturing and celebrating its beauty and uniqueness. Our mission is to provide avenues for families to create, capture, and preserve their stories. It is our honor to provide products to help you celebrate your story.