Day Thirty – Families of Promise

There’s a church near us where God has been working in the hearts of a few and is now moving the hearts of many.  Kentwood Community Church’s ministry, Families of Promise, began slowly as the ministry passion of one person.  It has grown and I can’t share it any better than the founder herself, Jodi Lewis, shares in this article.  The ministry was also highlighted recently here on the CAFO blog.  

As I work on the research for some of my own writing, part of what caught my attention about this story is the video below in which Pastor Kyle Ray talks about a sermon series he delivered at the church.  God moves, but one of the critical things He uses is pastors that clearly teach on His heart for the fatherless, as well as the theology of adoption.  Adoption wasn’t a human idea.  It is, and always has been, God’s plan of redemption.  I love that not only did Pastor Ray teach his congregation, but he challenged them as well, and God used that challenge to move a body of believers to action.  


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