lifebookpagesOur life book product is the culmination of nearly three years of searching and developing. We searched for a life book for our own son before bringing him home; we didn’t find many options. We were encouraged to write a book. We were also encouraged to create a scrapbook. Not being scrapbook enthusiasts and seeing a void out there in the “baby book” market, we set out to fulfill a need for the adoption community – a community we are honored and blessed to be a part of.


What is a Life Book?

A lifebook is a way to capture your child’s story. Just as a birth child has a baby book, an adopted child has a lifebook.

Is it just for babies?

No! A lifebook captures your child’s history, the context of your family as you waited for him or her, and milestones once your child came home. This is important no matter what age your child is at homecoming. It lends a sense of history, place, and security. It also gives you a structured place to keep photos and information about birth families. This timeless record is a beautiful way to honor and share your child’s heritage and can be helpful when more difficult conversations about relinquishment, for example, come up.

Lifebook Product Info

  • A binder in the color of your choice. Binders are standard 12×12 size; each binder has a frame in the front where you can place a 4″ square photo of your child.
  • Enough top-loading sleeves within the binder to house your life book pages.
  • 55 full-color life book pages that you can load into your binder in the order you choose, as appropriate for your unique story; four of these pages contain lines only, so that you can write extra notes and prose where you need it.