Day Twenty-six – “When I First Met My Son, He Was A Teenager”

There are so many challenging issues facing the adotion community and child welfare workers.  These are pressing issues that challenge our resolve, break our hearts, and sometimes make us feel like we aren’t having an impact.  Beureauocracy causes so many children to be Stuck.  That and other factors (one of which is the many families who want tiny babies that look like themselves) have caused a decline in intercountry adoption.  People just don’t want “older” kids.  I’m not sure if they realize that age four is considered “older”. 

I’m so glad, though, that in the midst of this adoption through the foster care system is getting more and more press.  I still hear the negative.  In fact, I heard it this week when my husband and I shared that we may adopt our next child via the foster care system.  “But they come so damaged,” was the reply.  My heart broke all over again. 

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is doing some great work in this area.  God is working through the foundation.  Take a look at these great, short videos.  These kids are not unlovable, not unadoptable and we CAN make a difference for them.  Every child, no matter his or her age, needs the protective affiliation of family. 

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