My name is Valerie Garrett. There are so many things I could tell you about me. Where does one begin? After all, we human beings are so multi-faceted. How can we holistically capture who we really are in short form? I could tell you, for example, that I live in Michigan (which is a little harder to smile about after this last winter!), but that I’ve had opportunities to travel for work, missions, and adoption to several great places in the US, as well as internationally to France and to Haiti. I love to travel, but my very favorite place in the world is wherever my husband and son are.

I could tell you that while I’m a country girl at heart, I love to visit the city. My very favorite restaurant, in fact, is in New York City. When I have an opportunity to go there – which is rare – I dine in, and then order takeout so that I can eat there twice. And my country blood just loves Central Park.

I’m a Christ follower. I’m blessed to be married to a man who consistently restores my faith in humanity. I love the Bible. I seek to obey it, even when it’s hard. I’m trained in Biblical Counseling, and am trying to decide when certification will fit into my very full life.

Professionally, I’m an experienced design consultant. I’ve spent many years in my career as an interior designer focused on corporate environments and alternative working styles (mobility, etc.). I hold a master’s degree in business, with a concentration in design and innovation management. I’m a wife, adoptive mom, designer, and teacher.

Ah, but those are all things about me. They are some of the things I enjoy. I haven’t shared with you yet what my heart beats for. It’s you, dear adoptive parent! It’s your family. It’s your children. My heart beats for adoption and for the adoptive family. That’s how, in fact, in addition to my design work, Life In Color came to be. We became excited about producing a fill-in life book for adoptive families to use to capture their child’s unique journey. This is the important “stuff of life”!

I’ve been called an “expert by necessity”…but then, aren’t we all? Oh, the things we learn as we walk this journey! I live to encourage you…to walk with you on your journey…to hold your hand as for some of your children you become the first truly committed adult they’ve ever had to call their own. I can sing, but music ministry isn’t my gig. I enjoy kids, but children’s ministry is not my thing. But give me a broken-hearted child and the family that’s walking with that child through the trenches…and you. have. my. whole. heart. As a passionate but balanced adoption advocate, I’m here to inspire and encourage the adoption community.

It’s my goal to inform you, encourage you, and be a resource for you. I write about parenting ideas/tips, the adoption journey, family life, attachment, and the daily “mundane” things of life…although, I have to say that my life tends to be a bit like a Seinfeld episode, so even the mundane makes me laugh most of the time. I want to hear from you, so don’t be shy about getting in touch! What do you want to know about? What encourages you? Where is your heart hurting, and where is it swelling with joy?

I’m honored that you’ve visited. It’s my joy to have time with you here, on this site. I hope you’ll enter in, enjoy the conversation, and reach out to me here