Who Am I?


You’ll find on this blog personal content chronicling the adoption of my son, dating back three years. However, for those of you seeing it for the first time, allow me to introduce myself.


I am passionate about adoption. My heart beats for it. It does not define me: I am a professional, a wife, a mother, an amateur chef, a singer, an outdoorswoman, a lover of Christ, a raw food enthusiast, AND…a passionate advocate for adoption. One of my primary goals in life is to call others to recognize and respond to the more than 140 million orphans around the world.


My husband and I chose adoption when it was time to build our family. We were not challenged by infertility. We simply both had a heart for adoption. When it was time to build our family, I shared with my husband that I had wanted to adopt since I was a teenager. He considered it, and agreed that it was right for us. So, we called the most reputable adoption agency we knew of. Two years later, we brought home our first child.


I don’t believe adoption is for everyone. In my mind, it’s a calling. However, it IS for everyone to at least consider what they might do about the plight of the orphan. There is so much to be done. If you would not be called to adopt, might you provide food for children in Zambia, shoes for children in Romania, or a year of education for a child in Haiti? Might you pray daily for those in foster care in America? Or, might you simply connect with and support someone in your own circle of influence touched by adoption? It’s likely that you know someone.


It’s worth thinking about.


PS – Until all the historical content of the last few years is migrated to this site, you can find it here: www.AdoptingJude.blogspot.com.  Enjoy!


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