The Beauty of A New Identity

Being human is a full time job  it means being me and it means being you  it means living my life  it means you living yours  it means living my life  and never hurting yours...(by Ashley Smith)

The sheer number of orphans worldwide is staggering…heartbreaking…and overwhelming. But you know what? Behind the number is a multitude of faces of real children. And beyond the numbers, there is a beautiful thing. An orphan who is adopted into a forever family becomes a son or a daughter, no longer an orphan. A simple change in label? No. No longer a statistic. No longer part of the overwhelming number that the world at large seems paralyzed to know what to do about.

An alcoholic who becomes a Christ follower is no longer an alcoholic. He is a Christ follower who struggles with alcohol abuse; his identity is now found primarily in Christ. Just as a Christian is no longer identified by his sin, a child adopted into his forever family is no longer identified as an orphan.

More than 140 million? We can have an impact. One prayer, one family, one child at a time.

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