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Day Twenty-five – Wait No More

Some ministries have come to my attention that highlight God’s hand with the Christian community on behalf of the orphan.  The next few posts will highlight some of them.  Focus on the Family’s Wait No More events are major regional events, happening around the nation.  These events highlight foster care adoption and call the church […]

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Day Twenty-three: Life In Color…in Uganda?!

Before my friends left for Africa, they shared that one of the topics they were asked to cover in the training they would provide was life books, and the importance of documenting a child’s beginnings. I happily provided our demo life book, a 12×12 full-color 55-page album, in fill-in format, for their use. We here […]

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Day Twenty-two: God at Work Through Film

I’ve said several times that God is moving through the church to draw orphans into families and to defend the fatherless. Something I’ve noticed recently is an increasing number of films that highlight the plight of the orphan. Jedd Medefind says it well in his blog post on the CAFO website entitled Art Imitates Life, […]

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Day Twenty-one: Change a Caregiver, Change a Child

My friends who did the training in Africa recently sent back so many wonderful updates. I was able to ‘follow them around Africa’ through social media and it was such a blessing. I’d like to share one of their stories that illustrates beautifully God at work. The training that day was for orphan care workers […]

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Day Twenty: Biblical Literacy Regarding the Orphan

We are in an age of biblical illiteracy. We simply, as a people (with exceptions, of course) don’t know what God’s word says. We use phrases frequently that aren’t found in the Bible and we defer to pop-culture depictions of Bible stories for our truth. When we actually dig into God’s Word, we find, for […]

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Day Nineteen – Oh Church Arise!

I am behind on posts for the 40-day challenge!  There are posts swimming around my heart and mind and as I catch up the weekend and set them to release, here’s the lates.  How is this for God at work: the global church awakening to Orphan Justice.  Believers all over are moving to care for […]

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Day Eighteen – Provision

I think it’s rather common these last few years for folks to have ups and downs where work is concerned. We are no exception, but am so grateful that God has provided for us and He continues to do so. Since we are committed to caring for vulnerable children we chose to sponsor a child […]

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Day Seventeen – Riches Untold

Each morning when I take my son to school I walk him to his locker and help him get his backpack put away, get his coat off, and get into the classroom. This is after a 40 minute drive (yes, we have quite the commute) that always begins with prayer together and then proceeds with […]

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