Day Eighteen – Provision

I think it’s rather common these last few years for folks to have ups and downs where work is concerned. We are no exception, but am so grateful that God has provided for us and He continues to do so. Since we are committed to caring for vulnerable children we chose to sponsor a child through Compassion International this past fall. Our sponsored child has already written to us sharing with us the things our sponsorship has enabled her to have – things like education and food. It grieves me to think that the things my son can take for granted are rare treasures in so many places around the world. We are so glad that God is providing for us so that we can provide for others. I used to be skeptical of Compassion. Last year, however, I was able to learn a bit about the ministry at the Together For Adoption conference and I believe it is entirely legitimate and is, in fact, a great ministry. It’s one way to be involved in family preservation. You don’t have to do much to be involved. It’s not high cost. It is high impact.

God is at work providing for His people so that they can be His voice and His body to a hurting world.  How has He provided for you this past year?

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