Day Twenty-nine – From Foster Care to Adoption

Well, this 40-day blog challenge that was supposed to culminate on Easter Sunday is clearly taking me longer. However, I am determined. In that spirit, here is post twenty nine.

I came upon the video below thanks to Foster Care Parents, curated by Foster Care Dad. As I watched I was reminded of a message I once heard. When my brother-in-law graduated from seminary he and his fellow graduates were given a powerful charge. The speaker talked about Christ’s model of leading by serving. As he spoke the graduates were given an embroidered towel and not a dry eye was found when the commencement address ended with the speaker gently but firmly commanding the graduates to go out and wash the feet of a broken world.

Watching this video and recalling that message made me then recall the number of times recently that I’ve noticed the brokenness around me. The nature of a fallen world results in constant striving for so many around us and for many that’s accompanied by deep pain. There are children near and far that have learned lessons early in life that no one should ever have to learn.

We can be used by God in His story of restoration and redemption. He can use us to salve wounded hearts and minds as He puts these precious lives back together. What about you? Is there room in your world to help make an orphan into a ‘son’ or ‘daughter’? An orphan adopted is no longer an orphan. He is a son and as his feet are washed with tenderness he is slowly restored.  This is God at work. 

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