Day Thirteen – Halfway Around The World

Tonight, there are two ladies that I know on an airplane over the Atlantic Ocean. They are traveling to west Africa to train adoption workers there. Efforts toward family preservation and positive adoption work have been increasing in countries like Ethiopia and Uganda. This exceptional duo has done this trip previously. This time the workers they’ll be training requested that they cover the topic of how, when, and why a child should be made aware of his or her story. So they’ll be talking about life books. They have with them a demo book from Life In Color.

God is at works. As you and I love, pray, and hope on behalf of the orphan, halfway around the world there are others doing the same. There’s exceptional family preservation work happening, and legal, legitimate adoption work as well. Don’t let the media fool you with the coverage of only the negative. While things in Russia are certainly challenging and I don’t minimize that in the least, make no mistake: God is still moving.

We never imagined that the Life In Color life book would become so well traveled, and we are delighted to be a tiny part of this wonderful effort. God is at work.  

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