Day Ten – Just Praise

I must admit that I’m weary today. I hope you all don’t feel like this post is a cop-out. I don’t have a new story for you today. I do, however, have things to share about God’s work. I’m weary because I’ve been against client deadlines this last couple of weeks and the schedule has been utterly blown apart by four snow days and four additional days home ill for my son, as well four days home ill for my husband…and not the same four days as my son! Phew! I’m ready for some normalcy, whatever that is.

I’m not weary of looking for God at work, though. Generally when there’s a snow day or if my son happens to become ill, I shift things around so that I can be at home with him. This means that we’ve had a lot of Jude and Mama time these last few weeks. The time has been sweet. I sure hate to see my little one ill, but it meant lots of cuddle time and even a few naps together. Snow days are the same. He’s been sweet and helpful and I see God at work in his heart as he grows.

It made me reflect on God’s work in my family over the last five years. When my son came home we were very purposeful about attachment. We did a lot of skin to skin contact. He often slept with us. (I know there are many of you who adamantly disagree with allowing a child to do that. That’s fine. Here’s the reality: children will leave your bed as they grow. Contrary to popular belief, allowing them into your bed will not cause them to be there permanently. For adopted children, it can be a great comfort to be that close and for parents it can mean the difference between getting a little sleep vs. getting up seven hundred times a night to soothe a frightened child). We did – and still do – everything as a family. If you want one of us, you get all three of us. We travel as a tribe.

What I see is a child who is secure and happy. He sings all the time. He is helpful and funny and asks great questions. He loves his family, his church, and his school. Long ago he didn’t have family. As soon as we saw his photo and said ‘yes’ to him as our referral, he became our son. Today, he knows exactly where home is. He’ll tell you that it’s wherever his Papa and Mama are. He knows that it’s God who makes families.


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