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Day Eleven – My Brother’s Keeper

It isn’t only the orphan who is vulnerable. Handicapped children are vulnerable as well. These are the children whose parents are encouraged by some doctors to put in a home, or worse. Here’s a story of God at work if I EVER saw one. This was brought to my attention by the friend I mentioned […]

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Day Ten – Just Praise

I must admit that I’m weary today. I hope you all don’t feel like this post is a cop-out. I don’t have a new story for you today. I do, however, have things to share about God’s work. I’m weary because I’ve been against client deadlines this last couple of weeks and the schedule has […]

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Day Nine – Keeping Good People on the Battlefield

A dear and precious friend of mine recently shared that she was facing cancer. This is a dear woman who also happens to be working diligently in orphan care. She is a case worker who places older children in adoptive homes. This woman is an exceptional voice. She has thirteen children through a classic “Yours, […]

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Day Eight – God’s Littlest Angels

I’ve highlighted God’s Littlest Angels Haitian baby ministry in the past. However, it has come to mind in regard to this blog challenge because of something I continually see happening there: sponsorship. Tom Vanderwell serves on the board for GLA. Here are some of his recent posts: “Dayana has another sponsor! Thank you for supporting […]

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Day Seven – Set My Feet On A Wide Place

Read all the way through this one – it includes a giveaway at the end! Imagine this: a couple goes to a faraway land; they don’t speak the language or fully understand the culture. They are lied to and the woman is accosted. This isn’t the adoption experience you might dream of, is it? Several […]

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Day Six – Passing It On

The Bible is clear: God uses a parent’s faithfulness to shape children. We’re commanded to teach “diligently to your children…when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise” (Deuteronomy 6:7), and similarly in Deuteronomy 11:19 we’re instructed again: “You shall teach them […]

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Day Five – The Blessing of Community

I know there are some who don’t believe in “God things”. I myself am reluctant to over-spiritualize too much. However, as I look throughout our adoption journey, I can see God’s work in providing us with a support system and community that has become a treasure to us. The first that comes to mind is […]

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Day Four – In the Heartbeat of One

This post is a little shorter than the previous three. One of the ways I see God working most on behalf of the orphan is by moving others to adopt. In the last few months we’ve heard about three different families prompted by the Lord to adopt. Two of those families are actively pursuing an […]

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Day Three – Joy for Mourning

Please note that names have been changed and some details made ambiguous in this post for the protection of the children involved. We’ve often said that we don’t make families; God makes families. He brings people together, chooses their children (whether he knits them together in a bio family, or knits them in their birth […]

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Day Two – In the Hearts of Our Little Ones

Parenting is a big job. There are so many things that we hope on for our children. We hope they’ll learn to play well with others. We hope they’ll learn respect for authority. We hope they’ll learn to think, use logic, and do right. And we dive, full bore, into teaching these things. For us […]

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