A Reason To Write

I’ve recently acquired and read a pre-release copy of a forthcoming book.  Until We All Come Home will be released November 6, two days after Orphan Sunday.  It’s an exceptional read; I’ll be posting a review soon, but in the meatime you can hear from the author herself.  Kim de Blecourt’s full post entitled “Why I Wrote ‘Until We All Come Home'” is worth the couple of minutes it’ll take you to read it.  Here’s an excerpt:

Our adoption journey has been described by a fellow writer and friend as “a terribly, beautiful story of love for a child.” The beautiful part is understandable. A family gained another member. A child gained a family that adores him. Adoption can be a beautiful thing. The terrible part comes along side our journey to get our son home. Perhaps the one sentence description I used to describe my book to agents and editors says it best: “Our adoption journey was like Not Without My Daughter meets The Hunt for Red October and The Hiding Place.


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