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Day Twenty-two: God at Work Through Film

I’ve said several times that God is moving through the church to draw orphans into families and to defend the fatherless. Something I’ve noticed recently is an increasing number of films that highlight the plight of the orphan. Jedd Medefind says it well in his blog post on the CAFO website entitled Art Imitates Life, […]

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Day Seventeen – Riches Untold

Each morning when I take my son to school I walk him to his locker and help him get his backpack put away, get his coat off, and get into the classroom. This is after a 40 minute drive (yes, we have quite the commute) that always begins with prayer together and then proceeds with […]

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Day Three – Joy for Mourning

Please note that names have been changed and some details made ambiguous in this post for the protection of the children involved. We’ve often said that we don’t make families; God makes families. He brings people together, chooses their children (whether he knits them together in a bio family, or knits them in their birth […]

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A Reason To Write

I’ve recently acquired and read a pre-release copy of a forthcoming book.  Until We All Come Home will be released November 6, two days after Orphan Sunday.  It’s an exceptional read; I’ll be posting a review soon, but in the meatime you can hear from the author herself.  Kim de Blecourt’s full post entitled “Why […]

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