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Day Twenty-two: God at Work Through Film

I’ve said several times that God is moving through the church to draw orphans into families and to defend the fatherless. Something I’ve noticed recently is an increasing number of films that highlight the plight of the orphan. Jedd Medefind says it well in his blog post on the CAFO website entitled Art Imitates Life, […]

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Day Fourteen – One by One

I’m a little behind on my posts!  Web migration and life collided…I’ll do my best to stay on track.  I think I’ve shared that my son is in the first grade. He attends a rather small school. We like that. We love it that his class is small. In fact, it began with only twelve […]

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Day Seven – Set My Feet On A Wide Place

Read all the way through this one – it includes a giveaway at the end! Imagine this: a couple goes to a faraway land; they don’t speak the language or fully understand the culture. They are lied to and the woman is accosted. This isn’t the adoption experience you might dream of, is it? Several […]

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Day Five – The Blessing of Community

I know there are some who don’t believe in “God things”. I myself am reluctant to over-spiritualize too much. However, as I look throughout our adoption journey, I can see God’s work in providing us with a support system and community that has become a treasure to us. The first that comes to mind is […]

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