Day Thirty-four – Cumbre por los Niños Marginados

Sometimes in our ethnocentricity we can wind up believing that the American church with all its comparative wealth and numbers has the market cornered on orphan care.  The perception can arise, even, that the global work is all headquartered in the US.  Not so.  There is a movement in Mexico similar to what CAFO is here in America.  It’s called Cumbre por los Ninos Marginados.   Hundreds of churches banding together to care for Mexican families and Mexican children.  This started with a few folks at Back2Back Ministries visiting Summit 8 and catching a vision…asking the ‘what if’ question on behalf of Mexico.  That’s God at work, moving the global church…and frankly, showing what can happen in just one short year with a vision to do something near to the heart of God.  Don’t try…just plan and do and see what happens. 

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