Book Review – Until We All Come Home

“It was compassion that opened our hearts to adoption and it was love that made us stay, but it was God who brought us home.” – Kim de Blecourt

Each adoption story has its own challenges and joys, perhaps none more so than Until We All Come Home, uniquely wrought with stark and racking experiences as it recounts the powerful tale of the de Blecourt family’s adoption of their Ukrainian son. As the reader is drawn along with Kim de Blecourt for her year-long stay in the Ukraine, it’s difficult not to wonder just how much more one family can withstand. At each turn, however, the faithfulness of God is highlighted and lifted up. In essence, while Kim is the writer, Until We All Come Home is really God’s story of care for one orphan, one mother, one family, and the global network of people He placed around them to be His hands and feet when they were each most deeply in need.

Until We All Come Home is poignantly and captivatingly layered with fear and protection, need and provision, heart rending sadness and life altering joy. It is a fast-paced tale woven in such a way as to cause the reader to feel it a privilege to share in this very personal part of the de Blecourt family’s story.

Against the grey backdrop of Ukraine, God’s faithfulness shines. Until We All Come Home inspires the reader to resonate with Kim’s mother-heart, to treasure the orphan, and to delight in God’s care of His own. Pick it up; you’ll be glad you did.


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