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“This is going to be GREAT!”

He opened his eyes this morning, on the first day of fourth grade. “This is going to be GREAT!” he said. He chatted me up the rest of the morning, following me from room to room, speaking in a delighted staccato. “I wonder if there will be any new kids,” he said as he washed […]

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Blank Notebook

Being the Story Keeper – Part 4 – Future

As we close the Story Keeper series, it’s time to look to the future.  If we’ve done our job well, our kids know their history and can steep it in grace, and they are empowered in the present to continue to process and learn and use their voice.  Their future is before them, ripe with […]

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Being the Story Keeper – Part 3 – Present

Well, as Story Keepers we’ve talked about responsibly sharing the truth of our children’s stories with them, and we’ve talked about helping them feel empowered in the present. Before we talk about the future, there’s a bit more that we need to cover in the present. It’s time to talk about how we – and […]

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Story Keepers Talk and Empower

Being the Story Keeper – Part 2 – Present

In Part 1 of Being the Story Keeper we talked about our responsibility as parents to bear and share the stories of our children with them in a way that is truthful, redemptive, and healing. Let’s switch gears now and talk about what it means to be our children’s Story Keeper in the present; now […]

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Being the Story Keeper – Part 1 – History

Being the Story Keeper – Part 1 – History I remember as a child being a little fascinated with my baby book. Perhaps some of you remember looking at yours as well. In an analog world, it was a treasure trove of the things I couldn’t remember, and a view into my parents’ lives and […]

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Mother’s Day, In Retrospect

Strange. This year as Mother’s Day approached, I noticed things coming across my feeds that were disturbing. There were so many moms being “very convicted” by blog posts about things like “how not to be disappointed this Mother’s Day”. What? I saw post after post about entitlement, ungrateful children, indifferent husbands…from writers who were “graciously […]

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Earning my Patina

Patina. It’s beautiful, but it isn’t instant. It develops over time, with age. You have to wait for it. It’s coveted by some architects, designers, and artists. And every patina is unique…a pattern all its own created by sun and weather and time…the gentle and the harsh of all of it. And what does this […]

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The Trouble with Facebook

My husband and I are raising a digital native. It’s been said, and rightly so, that ours is the first generation of parents that will have to impress upon its children the critical nature of what they put online: that it doesn’t go away, it can be dangerous, and privacy is often only perceived rather […]

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