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Good morning, all! We still have not heard anything from the US Consulate or Embassy in Haiti. They have about a three-week process to get Jude’s visa done. Our papers have been there for two weeks, and to our knowledge, they haven’t yet started with the first thing in the visa step. However, we were blessed to spend some time with our caseworker Belinda yesterday, as she has just returned from Haiti. She was kind enough to take a birthday gift to Jude from us, and she was able to spend some time with him there. These photos are so precious. Enjoy…


Jude was the first child who came to the balcony edge to see who was coming through the gate. I do believe he’s waiting for us…

02_-_Jude_and_Belinda  03_-_Jude  04_-_Jude_gets_his_birthday_gift  04a_-_Belinda_and_Jude

Our dear Belinda and our precious Jude. It’s obvious as you look at the last photo above why we are so blessed to have Belinda in our lives. She loves Jude. There’s no question about it.

05_-_Judes_birthday_gift  06_-_Opening_the_gift


Belinda couriered a birthday gift to Haiti for us, as Jude’s birthday was on July 24.


So, Belinda said that Jude loves eating time. Just another confirmation that God intended him for us! Just look at that belly – fabulous!


Belinda also told us that when she got this out, Jude connected with it. This is the photo album that we sent to him many months ago…maybe even almost a year. He’s touching a photo of us. It sounded like it was obvious that he had seen it before…he recognized it easily. 

Please join us in prayer that God would still allow us to travel in August. You may have noticed that Jude doesn’t smile much in pictures anymore. Belinda tried to get him to smile all the time she was with him and he never did while she was there. We believe that he’s become old enough to have internalized that people leave, so he doesn’t connect with new people. It’s time. He needs to be home. Each day that goes by will make his attaching time with us longer and more challenging.

Also, pray for the staff of GLA, specifically for Dixie, Stephanie, and Melanie. These ladies work in the office, tracking paperwork throughout the process. They need much prayer that they will be successful as they work with various government agencies, including our aforementioned US Embassy and Consulate.

We are so thankful to God that He sent Belinda to Haiti! What a blessing it has been to us.

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