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Today we received a precious new update from GLA about Jude. First, they expect his paperwork to be out of legalization any day now, and they’ll be able to apply for his passport at that point. So, this month’s update featured the passport photo they took of him. As you can see, it’s not just adults that have to live with passport “mug-shots”. Even the cutest among us have passports that don’t show us in our best light! Poor little guy…kind of looks like he just woke up. 

Second, part of our adoption paperwork from GLA asks that we send a photo album to our child (regardless of how young they are) as soon as we can. So, we sent ours to Jude a few weeks ago and when it arrived they photographed him looking through it. It contained photos of us, his new home, his aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and pastors…all important people in our lives, who will also be important people in his life. We are told that after a short time of looking through the book, he started “talking” to it.

We feel so blessed. Before we accepted Jude, someone else got him as a referral and they said no because he was born premature. We are so happy that God planned for him to be ours!

Jude_03_March_08_-_Album_4_Cropped  Jude_03_March_08_-_Album_2_Cropped

Jude_03_March_08_-_Album_3_Cropped  Jude_03_March_08_-_Album_4_Cropped

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