Ministry Highlight – Food For Orphans

As you all know, I’ve been working on the book launch for my dear friend Kim de Blecourt‘s soon to be released book entitled Until We All Come Home.  Kim’s book is captivating.  There’s been talk of a film.  She could become a wealthy woman.  Instead, let me share what she’s doing with all the proceeds from the book.  Each book purchase will feed ten orphans.  That’s right: all of Kim’s book proceeds are being given to Food for Orphans

Food For Orphans undertakes a multitude of orphan care projects, with the mission of supplying “at least one nutritious meal per day to as many orphans as possible”.  One meal per day.  Can you imagine?  Most of us in the developed world balk at the thought of going without one of our three daily meals.  We don’t consider a single meal a blessing, let alone view it as the one thing keeping us from the brink of wasting away to nothing.  But the reality is that for many orphans, one meal per day isn’t normal.  In fact, of the 143 million orphans in the world, 60 million of them will go to bed hungry tonight.  This year, 400,000 of them will die of malnutrition.  In the midst of our developed abundance, it’s unimaginable.  The sheer magnitude is overwhleming. 

Food For Orphans is seeking to change these statistics.  Working in several countries on multiple initiatives, the organization is fulfulling the biblical mandate to visit orphans and widows in their distress.  Kim de Blecourt is involved.  One of the latest Food For Orphans projects is in Zimbabwe.  A widow there has taken in twelve orphans, and is trying to provide for and care for them.  The proceeds from Until We All Come Home are supporting this particular project.  We can all do something to care for the orphan in his plight.  We may be overwhelmed, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take action.  Don’t want to adopt or sponsor a child?  That’s okay.  For now, just buy Kim’s book.  You’ll be blessed by her story.  You’ll feed ten orphans with one comparatively small but excellent purchase.  And you’ll have a great excuse as the weather gets cooler to curl up and read. 


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