Happenings in Haiti

Please pray for the people of Haiti. Food, which is scarce to begin with, has skyrocketed from a price standpoint. GLA (the orphanage where Jude is) has experienced more than a 33% increase in the food costs for the children. In addition, gasoline last week was at $5.93 USD. There was rioting and looting in the cities. This didn’t reach GLA in the mountains, but the high cost of fuel and the roadblocks placed to try to control the rioting have affected propane and water trucks getting to the orphanage. Last week, they ran out of propane and had to “get creative” to feed the children, as it’s propane that fuels their stoves. As of Friday 4/11, GLA was out of water, but it seemed that things were calming and people were able to move around again. Roadblocks had begun to be cleaned up, but not enough for the large water trucks to pass. Please pray for the safety of the children and workers, and that things will indeed settle down this week. 

Incidentally, this has affected adoptions in that the government offices had to close down for safety during the worst of the rioting last week. Demonstrators broke through the gates of the Civil Court and the Palace. They called for the resignation of the Prime Minister. The workers at GLA tried to take paperwork to the courts, and the clerk told them not to come. Courts, passports, visas…all on hold as of last week. Please pray that things will open again. 

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