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Since so many are walking this journey with us, we thought you might like to see where Jude actually lives right now. God’s Littlest Angels is a mission orphanage in Haiti, started by John and Dixie Bickel as a ministry to the people of Haiti. They were serving in Haiti at a hospital and were deeply touched by the high infant mortality rate in Haiti, and the very high rate of premature births (largely due to malnourishment). At GLA (started in 1994) they rehabilitate some tiny little skin-and-bone babies so that they can then go back to their families; many others are placed for adoption.

For the story of GLA’s beginnings:
For before/after photos of children:
For the latest adoption news posted by Dixie:

Here are some pictures of GLA’s current facilities…

Haiti_GLA  Haiti_GLA_Two  Haiti_GLA_Three

GLA is currently raising money to build a new orphanage. With 150 children, lots of staff, director living quarters for the Bickels, and quarters for adoptive families to stay when they come to get their children, space is at a premium. Oh – and we mustn’t forget an office where staff works through all the adoption paperwork! Rent is also expensive, and water must be trucked at additional costs each week. Below is a link to an architectural rendering of the new orphanage. Land had been purchased, and building is next!

So, what is daily life like at the orphanage? Well, we won’t know for sure until we get there, but why don’t you just imagine diapers for eighty children, and laundry and feeding for 150! Oh – and check out the pictures below.

Drying_clothes_at_GLA  Playing_at_GLA  Unloading_supplies_at_GLA  Preemie_in_the_incubator  Fixing_Hair_at_GLA

As for Haiti itself, we’ll find out firsthand of course when we go, but as we see from here, it’s beauty and squalor, culture and weariness…and need. The people are desperately poor, with nearly two thirds without official employment. Average income statistics have been stated in different places at between $377 and $450 per year. That’s a month’s groceries for many of us. There is little clean water; children die daily. Ministries like GLA set out to change this, one life at a time.

Haiti_Sunset  Houses_in_Haiti_2  Haiti_Big_City_Two  Haiti_Art

Haiti_Town  Feeding_the_village 

We can’t take credit for these great photos. Some came from the GLA website, and some came from a page we found on-line:
This young man has been to Haiti and GLA twice. If you’re interested, you’ll find his website is rich with photos and video:

If anyone wants more information about Haiti, we have it…we put together some research to help our niece write a report for school. We’ll be glad to send along what we found. Just post a comment to that end, and we’ll pass it on to you. 

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